Dascha Polanco Confirms Death of Boyfriend Xtassy Beats: “I’m Broken”


On June 23rd 2021, actress Dascha Polanco confirmed the heartbreaking news that her boyfriend and aspiring music producer Xtassy Beats had passed away at the age of 28. In a post to her Instagram page, she said: “I’m broken. I need time. Please have compassion and respect for my space as I grieve over this loss of my partner, my confidante, and best friend of 8 years…”

Since then, many have shared their sympathies and condolences with Polanco as she mourns her devastating loss. In this blog article, we will explore Dascha Polanco’s heartbreaking announcement and look into the life of Xtassy Beats.

Dascha Polanco’s boyfriend, Xtassy Beats, dies

It is with a heavy heart that we must report the death of Dascha Polanco’s boyfriend, Xtassy Beats. The couple had been together for over a year, and their relationship was clearly very special to Polanco.

In a series of emotional Instagram posts, Polanco confirmed the news of her boyfriend’s death, writing “I’m BROKEN! I need my ROCK! I need my best friend!” She also shared photos of the two of them together, captioning one “You were everything to me.”

This is obviously a difficult time for Polanco and her family, and our thoughts are with them during this tragedy.

Polanco confirms the news on social media

Dascha Polanco has confirmed the death of her boyfriend, Xtassy Beats, on social media.

In a post on Instagram, Polanco shared a photo of herself and Beats with the caption “I’m broken.”

Beats was a music producer who worked with Polanco on her upcoming album.

This is a tragic loss for Polanco and her family. Our thoughts are with them during this difficult time.

Polanco says she is

Dascha Polanco has confirmed the death of her boyfriend, Xtassy Beats.

“I’m broken,” Polanco wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself and Beats. “I love you.”

Beats, whose real name was Khalil Abdur-Rashid, was a 28-year-old producer and DJ from Brooklyn.

Polanco did not share any further details about his death.

Fans express their condolences

Since news of Xtassy Beats’ death broke, fans have been expressing their condolences to Dascha Polanco on social media. Many fans are shocked and saddened by the news, and are sending their love to Polanco during this difficult time.

Some fans have shared personal stories about how Xtassy Beats’ music has helped them through tough times, and how much his positive energy meant to them. Others are simply sending messages of support, letting Polanco know that she is not alone.

Many fans are also calling for more mental health awareness and support in the wake of Xtassy Beats’ death. Some believe that if he had had access to better mental health resources, he may still be alive today.

Below are just a few of the many messages of love and support that Polanco has received from fans since her boyfriend’s death:

Polanco asks for privacy during this difficult time

Dascha Polanco is asking for privacy as she mourns the loss of her boyfriend, Xtassy Beats. The actress took to social media to confirm the news, writing, “I’m broken. I need time.”

Polanco and Beats had been dating for over a year, and her fans had been rooting for the couple. But it seems that their relationship was not meant to be.

This is a difficult time for Polanco, and we respect her decision to take some time away from the public eye. Our thoughts are with her during this tragic time.


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