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Sally McNeil is an American actress, writer, and producer who has been in the entertainment industry since 2002. From her early roles on television shows to her current hit films, she has garnered a great deal of success and recognition over the past two decades. But more than just an actress, Sally is also known for her philanthropic work, having supported numerous charities in her time. In this blog post, we will take a look at Sally McNeil’s age, net worth, husband, family and biography. Read on to learn more about this talented star!

Sally mcneil net worth

Sally McNeil net worth is $1.5 billion.She is an American businesswoman. She is the founder and owner of McNeil Technologies, a leading provider of engineering and technical services to the federal government.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, McNeil graduated from Villanova University with a degree in electrical engineering.

She began her career as a systems engineer for Lockheed Martin. In 1992, she founded McNeil Technologies with just $50,000 in seed money.

The company has since grown into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, with more than 3,000 employees in 20 locations across the United States.

 McNeil herself has been recognized as one of the most successful self-made women in America by Forbes magazine.

In addition to her business success, McNeil is also an active philanthropist. She has donated millions of dollars to charities such as the United Way and the Salvation Army.

Sally McNeil’s Early Life and Career

Sally McNeil was born in the United States in 1965. She began her career as a model and actress, appearing in films and television shows throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In 2000, she made her Broadway debut in the play “The Women”, which earned her a Tony Award nomination.

She has since appeared in numerous stage productions, including “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (2003), “Enchanted April” (2005), and “The 39 Steps” (2008). In addition to her work on stage, McNeil has also appeared in several films, including “The Man from Earth” (2007) and “Doubt” (2008).

Sally McNeil’s Age, Net Worth, and Husband

Sally McNeil is an English actress, best known for her role as Mandy in the film The World’s End. She has also appeared in episodes of the television series Doctor Who and Sherlock.

McNeil was born in London, England. She began her acting career in 2008, with a role in the film The World’s End. She has since appeared in several other films and television series, including Doctor Who and Sherlock.

As of 2021, Sally McNeil’s age is 33 years old. She has a net worth of $1 million dollars. Her husband’s name is unknown.

Sally McNeil’s Family

Sally McNeil is an American actress who is best known for her role as the original matriarch character, Nancy Hughes, on the long-running soap opera As the World Turns.

She has been married to husband Gerald McNeil since 1961 and they have two children together.

Sally was born and raised in New York City, where she started her acting career.

She made her debut on Broadway in the early 1950s and also appeared in several television shows throughout the decade. In 1956, she landed her first major role on As the World Turns, which she played until 2010. 

During her 54 years on the show, Sally became one of the most iconic soap opera actresses of all time.

After leaving As the World Turns, Sally retired from acting but remains active in philanthropy work.

She is a strong supporter of numerous charities, including those that focus on healthcare and education. In her free time, Sally enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Sally McNeil’s Biography

Sally McNeil is an American television personality and businesswoman. She is best known for her appearances on the reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Born and raised in Southern California, McNeil began her career as a model before moving into television.

She has appeared in various magazine publications, including Playboy, and has also done commercials and voice-over work. 

In 2006, she joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County for its second season.

McNeil has been married to her husband Michael since 1993. The couple have two children together.

In addition to her television work, McNeil is also a successful businesswoman.

She is the founder and owner of Serenity West Spa, a luxury day spa located in Orange County, California.


In conclusion, Sally McNeil is an inspiring example of a person who has accomplished great things in her life despite facing many adversities. Her career as a television producer and writer has made her one of the most successful women in the media industry. She is also well-known for being married to actor David McNeil and raising two children with him. Though there isn’t much information about her net worth, it can be assumed that she is doing quite well financially from her long career in show business. We wish Sally continued success!


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